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Elbsides 2024

The Elbsides 2024 computer security community conference will be held in Hamburg, Germany on Friday, the 13th of September. Meanwhile, we need sponsors to make this event possible and keep the costs for the participants low. If you are interested in sponsoring, please contact us at elbsides -at-

** The Call for Papers is now open**, and we welcome your presentation submission.


This year Elbsides will be at the river Elbe: at the Empire Riverside Hotel, a 4-star hotel in the heart of Hamburg. The hotel is located in the St. Pauli district, near the Reeperbahn and overlooking the port of Hamburg. The conference will be held in the hotel’s conference center.

Pictures © Empire Riverside Hotel, Stefan Karstens and Andrea Flak

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If you haven’t been to Elbsides 2023 - see what you missed and watch the talks on our 2023 Youtube channel


We hope to welcome many old and new sponsors to make this event possible with minimal costs for attendees and to keep this event as inclusive as possible. If you are interested in sponsoring, please contact us at elbsides -at-

Gold Sponsors
DFN-CERT Services GmbH
Hamburg Port Authority AöR
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pure ISM GmbH
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Mogwai Labs
Trend Micro
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Detlev Louis Motorrad-Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH






Morton is a researcher in the Forward-Looking Threat Research (FTR) team at Trend Micro, Inc. where he peers into the future of computers and society to identify the risks and vulnerabilities of the future. His past in computer security stretches back 30 years and he has been involved in most of the innovations in security, first at the University of Hamburg, Germany, then IBM Research and now Trend Micro. While originally active in malware analysis and computer forensics, recently his team has been focussing on massive threat data analysis for spotting new types of attacks quantitatively and also on modelling future threats to society that will accompany its inevitable march towards tighter integration in smart cities, intelligent transportation, supply chains and manufacturing. Morton, a native of New York City, has a Computer Science PhD degree from the University of Hamburg, and resides in the Hamburg, Germany area.


Coming from a non-technical background, Dagmar brings her knowledge of event organization to Elbsides. Through previous experiences in professional stage management / production for theatre in the UK and US, as well as Sci-Fi conventions in Germany, she teamed up with her husband Morton to organize events for the computer security industry, BSides Munich being among them. Having lived and worked in a variety of countries, she enjoys traveling the globe and seeing theatre productions, especially in London.


For all his professional business life (even years before that) Stefan has been involved in information security. In 1993 he was the first student to be hired by the freshly launched DFN-CERT Services GmbH, the first Computer Emergency Response Team in Germany and also one of the first within Europe. After having spent a number of years in the PKI universe he worked as an IT security consultant for the next 15 years before re-joining the awesome crew at DFN-CERT Services GmbH in 2016. He likes IT forensics, Cyber Threat Intelligence, and malware analysis and loves helping people.


A past interest in archaeology brought Florian to the field of security. To him, both share a similar approach: recognizing the ideas of the past via its artefacts and the application of these lessons to form a better future. As a security engineer he tries to adopt this philosophy to the various aspects of the field, may it be user awareness, OS and network security or how to cloud securely. He also enjoys hot food, fast bikes and open source.


Debbie is also a non-techie. Her passion for working in IT security started in 2019 with SCHUTZWERK, where she came into contact with Elbsides. She has been involved in the community ever since. Inspired by her former colleagues at SCHUTZWERK, she also started studying business informatics part-time in March 2021 to gain more IT knowledge. During her studies, which will end in fall 2024, she has left no opportunity to combine all topics with IT security. From June 2024, Debbie will be working as an Account Manager at AirITSystems. Her colleagues and her ensure that companies’ business-critical IT functions securely and smoothly. She is very much looking forward to this as she will be delving even deeper into the IT world.


Jonas’ day job is in incident response and forensics at BlackBerry. During engagements he specializes in disk forensics and fast triage, relying heavily on automation to aid in fast recovery of customers affected by data breaches or malware incidents. In his spare screen time he engages in various open source efforts and likes researching new forensics related topics. Reverse engineering proprietary APIs, file formats and protocols is one of his main interests. In the great outdoors he enjoys geocaching and paddling. He also added aerial photography and semi-autonomous to fully manual flight with home-built UAVs and FPV drones to his outdoor activities.


David is an independent software developer, penetration tester and IT consultant. He likes to build software, analyze systems and troubleshoot weird computer problems. When not in front of a screen he enjoys a good physical challenge, doing various kinds of sports.


Fabian currently works as an embedded software engineer for a small company in Northern Germany. He was working as a financial consultant when his fascination for technology led him back to school to study electrical engineering and digital systems. During his bachelors and master’s thesis he was able to get deep into the weeds of reverse engineering and secure code as part of the vulnerability analysis department at NXP. Whenever he isn’t sitting in front of a keyboard, he enjoys playing music and sports outdoors.


Matthias has more than 25 years of experience in various industries, disciplines and roles in the world of IT. He now uses this experience as a freelance cybersecurity culture evangelist to support organisations on their way to becoming secure and resilient organisms. This has a lot to do with the agile mindset, where people take centre stage - processes ensure smooth interaction and technology is seen as a tool, not an end in itself! Apart from that, he likes to spend his time outdoors, preferably exploring new holiday destinations or cycling in the surrounding area.