Gustav Lundsgård


Amidst the digital revolution and the change that affects human behavior, IKEA have had to rapidly change the way we do IT and software development. Two years ago, we set out to change (almost) everything we do and how we look at software security. In this presentation, we will focus on our Cyber Jedi Academy, a community, created to empower software developers within IKEA to address and work with security. The presentation will cover what we’ve learnt from running the academy for a year, and how we’ve come to change many things, such as why we must adopt team-centric security and how this optimizes the security work within teams.

Speaker information

Gustav Lundsgård

Gustav is a licorice loving Swede, leading the Software Security capability at Ingka Digital(IKEA Retail). He is passionate about all things in Cyber Security, and a firm believer that the only way to succeed with security is having everyone doing it. Currently trying to empower all developers at IKEA to create secure software.