Programm - subject to change, times are approximate within a few minutes

All times are CEST (German summer time). The slot length includes Q&A. All presentations are pre-recorded with the speaker available for questions after the talk and in the Slack chat.


Day Date Schedule
0 Sunday, 2021-06-20, 09:00 CEST Workshop day
1 Monday, 2021-06-21, 13:00 CEST Conference day 1
2 Tuesday, 2021-06-22, 13:00 CEST Conference day 2


Date: 2021-06-20

Workshop registration was done with pretix. Workshops are now fully booked and participants have been contacted by email.

Time Length Title Authors
9:00 4h The Sorcery of Malware Reverse Engineering Ashwathi Sasi
9:00 3h Fuzzing and finding vulnerabilities on Linux Hardik Shah
10:00 4h Finding and exploiting basic buffer overflows Christian Gross and Sarah Mader
10:00 4h OSINT for Cyber Defenders Mario Rojas
13:00 4h OpenSourced Threat Hunting with Graylog + MISP + Sysmon Bruno Diniz
14:00 4h CTF: BHealth21-Secure Healthcare Services Fujitsu - Markus Endter

Conference day 1

Date: 2021-06-21

Time Title Speaker(s)
13:00 Opening  
13:10 Elbsides Keynote - Practical DevSecOps and Beyond Thomas Fricke
13:45 Vulnerable as a Service Morton Swimmer
14:05 Demystifying the state of kubernetes cluster security - the cloud native way Vasant Chinnipilli and Pralhad Chaskar
14:40 Break  
15:00 Abracadabra - A researcher’s reversing spell! Sreenidhi Ramadurgam
15:25 On the edge with access control devices Vincenzo Ciancaglini, Joey Costoya, et al
15:45 How to build better more secure KVM with off-the shelf hardware. Tim Panton
16:15 Break  
16:35 Rise of the Cyber Jedi – Building a security community of practice Gustav Lundsgård
17:10 “If Only They Would Take Us Seriously” : The Behavioral Science Influencing Your Cybersecurity Culture Christina Lekati
17:45 Closing Day 1  

Conference day 2

Date: 2021-06-22

Time Title Speaker(s)
13:00 Opening Day 2  
13:05 BSidesMunich Keynote - InfoSec’s Dirty Little Secrets Jenn Janesko
13:40 No Distribute Scanners: A Perfect Testing Ground for Malware Developers Florian Murschetz and Mathieu Gaucheler
14:00 AI in a Minefield: Learning from Poisoned Data Itsik Mantin
14:35 Break  
14:45 CrimeOps of the KashmirBlack Botnet Sarit Yerushalmi and Ofir Shaty
15:15 Modern Adversary Tradecraft Sajal Thomas
15:45 Break  
16:10 Padding Oracle Attacks - The critical bug in your home-brewed crypto protocol Henning Kopp
16:45 The Care and Feeding of Meerkats Sascha Steinbiss and Andreas Herz
17:15 Log Management Keeps Your Network Secure – Real-World Examples Jeff Darrington
17:35 Closing Notes and Virtual Prosit with organizers